Road superlight handlebar

R180-Road handlebar Silver Edition 180g(40cm)
R150-Road handlebar Stealth Edition 150g(40cm)
Backed by data from thousands of bike fit cases Not just feather-light Optimized cross section for better ergonomics
Too many riders are fitted with handlebars that are too wide. Female and junior riders often have trouble finding components that fit them ideally, making 36cm handlebars an important piece in our line-up – not to mention you wouldn’t believe how many male riders need the narrow bars too.

Why short reach geometry?
The benefit of this design is in two areas - you can use a longer stem which can be more aesthetically pleasing and you can reduce the spacers used whilst maintaining the correct stack height. 

At neutral position, it provides a higher stack at the shifters since the curve doesn’t “dip down”. This helps reducing spacers needed below the stem to achieve same effective stack height.
Thinking out of the box
Instead of a traditional round cross-section, R180/R150 handlebars employs an asymmetrical oval shaped section to get the best of both worlds.

Using the tops provides a more upright torso position and relaxes the shoulders. Our design accommodates this with a specifically designed cross-section.

We went back to the drawing boards with our riders’ input, making the tops more comfortable for gripping. Whether you choose to run the cable housings in front or below, the cross-section will always be ergonomically friendly.
Rider safety is our top priority, especially with lightweight models.

SGS (Stand Global Services) is the world's leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company.

EXS R150 & R180 is ISO4210 certified and impact tested by SGS with a passing rate above peer product standard (32J, adopted by 3T, Easton, ENVE. Etc.)
We dare to offer 2 Years of warranty coverage that include crash (accidental) replacement (under the condition of being properly installed per manual instruction).

All tests carried out on Specialized Venge stem as clamping jig, loaded on one side.

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