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Endless journey
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  • Granfondo-43
  • Granfondo-43
  • Granfondo-43
  • Granfondo-43
  • Granfondo-43
Granfondo meaning "endless journey" in Italian
Tire Selection
Tubeless tires offer a better riding experience but may not be the most convenient option for most cyclists. Hook tubeless rims provide better compatibility with both tubeless and clincher systems and also avoid the maximum 73psi pressure limit of hookless systems. For most amateur road cyclists, the 28mm tires might be a more suitable choice. Compared to 25mm tires, the slight weight penalty can yield improved comfort and cornering grip.
Rim Design
Increasing rim height can reduce aerodynamic drag at high speeds, but lateral stability is crucial when riding. Considering that most recreational cyclists ride at speeds between 25-40kph, the marginal gains in aerodynamics are not as critical.
As a result, we've set Granfondo's rim height at 42.5mm, striking a balance between the 50mm height of racing rims and the 35mm height of lightweight rims.

During the development stage, after determining the frame height of the wheels and the tire size to be used, we begin optimizing the wheel profile. We utilize high-performance computers to conduct targeted optimizations at various angles to achieve the desired aerodynamic characteristics for the wheelset. The ultimate goal is to create a pair of wheels with minimal air resistance in crosswinds and high stability in headwinds. After several iterations and adjustments, the current version of the Granfondo wheel profile is achieved.

Wind Tunnel Testing Two years ago, we subjected the initial prototype wheelset to wind tunnel testing and subsequently made several adjustments to the design. After finalizing the rim shape, we conducted wind tunnel testing again under the same conditions, allowing us to compare the Granfondo-43 with wheelsets from different brands. The testing involved removing components such as shifter, chainring, derailleur, chain, and front derailleur hangers from the test bicycle to minimize extraneous interference. The front wheel was equipped with a SHIMANO MT800 160mm disc, and the rear wheel had the same setup. Both wheels were fitted with a SHIMANO R7000 11-28t cassette, and all used Schwable Pro One 28mm tubeless tires. Wind speed during testing was set at 45km/h (12m/s), and the drag data is an average of measurements from both the left and right sides.

Due to the racing-oriented design of Campagnolo Bora WTO 45, which is primarily optimized for 25mm tires, the streamlined profile is disrupted when using 28mm tires, resulting in average performance.
EXS Granfondo-43 excels in wind resistance within a yaw angle range of 0-5 degrees compared to competitors. ZIPP 303 Firecrest, on the other hand, performs better in significant yaw angles of 15-20 degrees.

When considering the average drag values from 0-20 degrees, ZIPP 303 Firecrest slightly outperforms other competitors, but the differences between them are not significant. At a speed of 45km/h, the fastest among them only outperforms the slowest by 1 watt.

ZIPP 303 Firecrest, with its wider rim profile and lower rim height, experiences reduced crosswind effects compared to Campagnolo Bora WTO 45. EXS Granfondo-43, in comparison to Campagnolo Bora WTO 45, experiences a 22% reduction in crosswind forces.

We placed sensors on various parts of the rider's body to collect data on the rider's posture changes in real-world conditions, providing insights into the rider's stability when facing crosswinds. After enhancing comfort, handling, and lateral stability, riders can benefit from a more stable ride, with less impact from crosswinds. After enhancing comfort, handling, and lateral stability, riders can benefit from a more stable ride, with less impact from crosswinds.
Optimized Rigidity
While weight and rigidity are equally important for a good set of wheels, even though the primary goal of Granfondo isn't to win races, we still want these wheels to keep up with other riders. Thus, adequate lateral rigidity and lightweight design are essential.

Weight includes rim tape and paint
(EXS Granfondo-43 & Campagnolo Bora WTO45 rim tape does not required.)


AR-24 Hubs

Hubs are an essential component, and the wheelset adopts the independently developed AR-24 hubs equipped with SKF bearings. High performance, stability, and durability are its hallmarks.

Rim Height
42.5mm F/R
Rim Width
Inner Width
Tire Compatiblility
Disc(Center Lock)
Sapim cx-ray
Hub Body Type
Shimano Road/SRAM XDR
1390 grams/pair
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